(Common) (Rare) (Epic) (Legendary)

Healing Items


  • Heals 25 HP
    (5s Use Time)

Med Kit

  • Heals 100 HP
    (8s Use Time)

Shield Cell

  • Restores 25 Shield
    (3s Use Time)

Shield Battery

  • Restores 100 Shield
    (5s Use Time)

Phoenix Kit

  • Heals 100 HP
    Restores 100 Shield

    (10s Use Time)

Ultimate Accelerant

  • Restores 20% Ultimate
    (7s Use Time)

Shield Items

Body Shield

  • Absorbs 50 Damage
  • Absorbs 75 Damage
  • Absorbs 100 Damage
  • Absorbs 100 Damage
    + Finishing Moves Full Restore Shield


  • 30% Headshot Damage reduction
  • 40% Headshot Damage reduction
  • 50% Headshot Damage reduction
  • 50% Headshot Damage reduction
    + Reduces Tactical and Ultimate Ability Recharge Times

Knockdown Shield

  • Blocks 100 Damage
  • Blocks 250 Damage
  • Blocks 750 Damage
  • Blocks 750 Damage
    + Self-Resurrects when downed (1 Times Use)


  • 2 Extra Inventory Slots
  • 4 Extra Inventory Slots
  • 6 Extra Inventory Slots
  • 6 Extra Inventory Slots
    + Healing and Shielding Consumables take half the time to use


(Common) (Rare) (Epic) (Legendary)


Skullpiercer Rifling

  • Increases headshot damage.
    (Wingman, Longbow)

Precision Choke

  • Reduces the projectile spread.
    (Peacekeeper, Triple Take)

Selectfire Receiver

  • Allows you to switch between fire modes.
    (Prowler, Havoc)


  • Reduces spin-up time
    (Devotion, Havoc)

Extended Heavy/Light Mag

  • Slightly increase ammo capacity.
  • Increased ammo capacity with quicker reloads.
  • High ammo capacity with fast reloads.

Shotgun Bolt

  • Small upgrade to fire rate.
  • Moderate upgrade to fire rate.
  • Maximum upgrade to fire rate.

Barrel Stabilizer

  • Small recoil reduction.
  • Moderate recoil reduction.
  • Large recoil reduction.

Stock Standard/Sniper

  • Improves handling and reduces aim drift.
  • Quicker handling & moderate aim drift reduction.
  • Fast handling & large aim drift reduction.

Optic Attachments

(Common) (Rare) (Epic) (Legendary)

1x Holo

  • Close range optic.

1x-2x Variable Holo

  • Close range optic with variable zoom.


  • Close range optic.


  • Close range optic.


  • Mid-range optic.
    (Sniper, LMG, AR, SMG)

2x-4x Variable AOG

  • Mid-range optic with variable zoom.
    (Sniper, LMG, AR, SMG)

4x-8x Variable Sniper

  • Sniper optic with multiple zoom levels.

6x Sniper

  • Basic sniper optic.

1x Digital Threat

  • Close range optic with threat highlighting.

    Threat Highlight will allow you to see enemies through smoke and other various vision impairments.

    (Shotgun, SMGs, Pistol)

4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat

  • Sniper optic with threat highlighting and digital zoom.

    Threat Highlight will allow you to see enemies through smoke and other various vision impairments.



Arc Star

  • The Arc Star will activate 3 seconds after it has landed.
  • When thrown and stuck to an enemy it will deal 30 Damage + Additional Damage from the explosion.
  • Frag Grenade

  • The Grenade will detonate 4 seconds being thrown.
  • Deals less damage the further away from the explosion.
  • Thermite Grenade

  • Explodes on impact in a Horizontal Line, dealing damage-over-time burn effect.
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